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Types of Loans

TPL makes loans only for business purposes. Borrowers must have a separate established Texas homestead.

Cash Out Equity Loans

  • TPL makes loans on most types of commercial real estate…retail centers, office buildings, warehouses, apartments, etc.
  • TPL makes loans on ranches, farms and unimproved land surrounding Houston.

Purchase and Rehab Loans

  • TPL makes loans to the experienced and qualified borrower for the purchase and rehab construction costs of commercial buildings and houses.
  • TPL lends up to 75 percent of the purchase price and 50 percent of the hard construction cost. For the real estate investor who is able to put equity into projects, TPL offers lower origination points, lower interest rates and no fees for construction draw inspections.


  • TPL can approve and fund quickly for a property purchase that requires a fast closing. The loan can later be transferred to another lender.


  • In situations when banks have changed their guidelines, TPL will refinance loans for borrowers who have maintained a good payment record. TPL also will refinance loans from other private money sources for borrowers who have maintained a good payment record (usually at lower rates than other private money lenders).

Additional Loan Information

6 to 24 months (based on borrower’s needs and the exit plan for the loan)

Loan Amounts
$50,000.00 to $500,000.00 (based on borrower’s needs and the loan-to-value ratio for each different type of real estate property)

Interest only (interest is normally paid at the end of each month; with a low loan-to-value ratio, interest may be added to the loan amount)

Loan Origination
2 to 4 points (based on the length of the loan term)

Interest Rate
12 to 14 percent (based on the length of the loan term and loan-to-value ratio of the loan)

Based on type of real estate and the quick sale value of the property (up to 75 percent on commercial income producing property and up to 50 percent on unimproved land)

Lien Position
TPL requires a first lien position on loans (on rare occasions TPL will take a second lien position only with a low loan-to-value ratio and additional written agreements between the first and second lien holders)